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& Fun

We make training fun and exciting for the whole family, at the same time offer expert guidance and provide technique focused training to help you achieve your goals.


What is CrossFit? The correct or scientific answer would be “Constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity”  however what does that even mean and what makes us different? It means new and exciting training every session.  We very rarely do the same workout unless we are testing or doing benchmark workouts. We challenge ourselves. We lift heavy sh*$#t , hang from bars, jump on boxes, try to walk on our hands and sometimes even strap a 20Lbs vest on and go for a run with a gazillion pull-ups, push-ups and squats, whilst the whole time being cheered on by our classmates and coaches. Will I make you do all of this on day 1, no! Never, never ever. 


Everything in CrossFit is scalable, meaning that all workouts are adaptable to the level of fitness that you currently at. This may sound daunting but the progression and accomplishment you feel when you get to this point is extraordinary.


Our why is to make exercise fun, our why is to welcome people into our facility and make them feel welcome like we are a home away from home, our why is for people not to feel afraid to ask questions, not feel judged, we aren’t looking for elite athletes to train we are open to everyone and anyone who just wants to feel better, be better, live better and challenge themselves. Our Why is to help guide you to be the best version of yourself.


We have a process called On-Ramp. You may have heard of the word in conversations about CrossFit. On-Ramp is an onboarding process to get you familiar with the fundamentals of CrossFit and foundational movements. It is safe for anyone, whether you have been training or not. On-Ramp consists of 2 sessions with us at Gillitts CrossFit.


Not only is On-Ramp a great way for you to get familiar with our training style but it is also a  great way for us to get to know our new members, their strengths and challenges and for new members to become comfortable in the CrossFit environment without any pressure. 


We look forward to welcoming you to our amazing space that is Gillitts CrossFit.


With over 20 years in the industry and a gap in the area, we knew it was time to build our own box and bring CrossFit to the Upper Highway.  Along with the box, Gillitts CrossFit offers traditional gym facilities to our members.

Our individual approach, controlled class size and adherence to the Onramp onboarding process ensures a training environment and style in which every member is able to reach their full potential in a safe and encouraging space.

Helping people is what Fuels me, coaching people is what Feeds me and watching people grow Drives me. Something I heard a long time ago resonates with me. “Coaches are not created, they are born” and I believe that I have been blessed with that gift. There is no better feeling than to watch someone grow, improve and excel & become the best version of themselves. I have been in the Fitness Industry for over 20 years, worked as a personal trainer at Boutique Gyms, 5 Star gyms, managed local globo gyms and worked internationally in management of one the biggest and well known gyms in the world. I have been a shareholder and been involved in two CrossFit Boxes in Durban and lectured Part-time for ETA (Exercise teachers academy) doing their practical lectures.

I currently hold the following qualifications:

Diploma Exercise Sciences
Master Trainer Facilitator

I was never a person who loved going to the gym. However, that changed when I met my husband(Jono), he introduced me to CrossFit. When I think back to the start of my CrossFit journey I have to laugh. I knew absolutely nothing about CrossFit. Although it took me some moments of frustration to learn the foundational movements, I loved every second of it. Not only has CrossFit made me physically stronger but mentally stronger as well. I am a much more confident person. Learning what I have over the past few years and seeing myself grow I would love to share and guide people to experience what I have experienced. I want to help them overcome their challenges and become better versions of themselves. I currently hold the following qualifications and working towards attaining my CrossFit Kids certification as above all, training children is one of my passions.
I currently hold the following qualifications:

Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching


Based just off the m13 in Gillitts, our box is easily accessible no matter where in the Upper Highway you're coming from. (Enter through the pearly gates in Hamilton Crescent)